I also started with Adrienne, but only managed a couple of sessions. I really want to establish this home yoga routine. But I get carried away with errands. Maybe I need to set a certain time for that, huh? I went to 2 offline yoga classes already though, so I am still proud of myself <3

Hope you depression will be gentle to you and let you do all your beautiful plans!

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Well done on the offline classes! My social anxiety (and to a certain extent financial situation) prevents me from going to offline classes most of the time so I've been trying to go through a video session each morning before breakfast and so far I've managed all of January which I'm pretty proud of!

And my depression is slowly getting a bit better so I've been working a little bit on my plans, I just have to get better at not overwhelming myself I think =)

Thank you so much for your sweet comments, I appreciate them a lot <3

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