Hi, I’m Jesse!

I’m a creative jack of all trades from the Nordics and I have a lot of things on my mind.
I’ve been making things and putting them on the internet since the late 90’s and I used to pour my thoughts and musings into blog posts in the early Livejournal days.
As such I figured I would try to make this place a bit of a call-back to those days, a place where I can put my musings and all of my different art projects, keep myself accountable and maybe even build a small community to share some chill creative vibes with.

As a notorious jack of all trades I have always been one to dive head first into whatever piques my interest and learn by doing, thus the title of this newsletter.
For now, you will find me talking about art, photography, cosplay, drag/burlesque/performance, crochet, knitting, web design, coding, streaming and video production. I will also be offering thoughts and musings on subjects such as mental health, LGBTQ+ things, life in general, erotica/kink*, culture, media and fandom.

*Any erotic art and deeper discussions will be in a link to a blog post on my website instead of in the newsletter itself so you don’t have to worry about reading it in public. I gotchu boo 💜

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You’ll have my eternal gratitude and love for helping me keep doing what I love and being able to share it with you. 💜

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The brain pickings of a creative jack of all trades from the Nordics.


Creative jack of all trades from the Nordics. Chaos tiefling.